We have so much, and others so little.

I saw a woman digging through trashcans at a gas station the other day, very disheveled, street urchin-ish, she even drank water out of the dispensers for cleaning the windows of your car. Here is the saddest part. This woman had a car. I watched her go from person to person begging gas, and then take it back to her white jeep. She was not destitute. Yet she ate and drank at that gas station, over and over when people were watching, in order to get sympathy from people so she could continue her lifestyle. I drove away feeling sorry for her spiritual poverty more than the physical needs in her life. That she was so impoverished in spirit - desperately needing the bread of life, the abundance the Lord can give. And it humbled me. And made me grateful for the abundant mercies God has shown to me. How can I judge when I have been given so much?

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